The numeric age, which started a few decades ago, provides new tools of communication to all domains, including medicine. An enormous amount of data can be collected and thousands of figures can be stored so as to be used whenever necessary. Doctor Farzan Filsoufi, from Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, took advantage of these revolutionary tools to develop an original program of teaching anatomy, pathology and surgical management of heart valves. His keen interest and deep culture in history as well as his large experience in valve surgery allowed him to offer us a master website where the reader can navigate from one valve to another and from the past to the present, picking up several thousands of genuine information and several hundreds of figures, some of them so rare that they cannot be found in commonly available treatise. The largest place has been given to the mitral valve because of its complexity, its functional importance and the possibility to effectively repair it for the rest of the patient’s life. The other valves will receive similar development in the near future.I have been watching with admiration and respect the considerable amount of work displayed by the author to collect the necessary documentation drawn from the most reliable sources. The information is analyzed and presented in an organized manner so as to be easily available to all specialists, from historians to practitioners, anatomists to physiologists and physicians to surgeons.
This website also shed some light to the future by its interactive section on “case studies and news” from all over the world, involving the most prominent specialists. No doubt that it will be a reference in the field. A true masterpiece!

Alain Carpentier, MD, PhD

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