Chronologic approach the development of knowledge of the structure and function of the heart, circulatory system and subsequently the diseases of the heart with a particular emphasis on the mitral valve. In this section we analyze the work of major contributors from the European Renaissance until the end of the 19th century. Briefly, the 16th century can be viewed as the century of descriptional anatomy.

The development of the science of experimental physiology with the discovery of blood circulation took place in the 17th century. During that era, the science of histology was established and microscopic observation played a critical role in our understanding of the physiology of the circulation.The first pathological reports appeared toward the turn of this century with description of ossification of the cardiac valves . The 18th century witnessed the birth of anatomo-pathology and a great emphasis was placed on the correlation of clinical symptoms with autopsy findings. Finally, during the first half of the 19 century, great progress was made in physical diagnosis with the broader application of percussion and the invention of stethoscope.

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